We are a family owned and operated dressage facility.  We have boarding, lessons and training available for horses from Training Level through Grand Prix.  

Horse Boarding:  Our goal is happy horses!  Boarders are allowed access to the facility from 6:30 am to 10:00 pm every day including holidays.  We understand that your riding will have to be scheduled around family and work obligations, so we do not limit our hours.  A limited number of boarders allows for a quality riding experience and we are dedicated to dressage, so you will not have to ride around jumps or share the ring with other disciplines.  There may be some restrictions on areas during shows or clinics, but otherwise you are allowed full use of the facility.  

Horses are checked at least four times daily.  One during each feeding (morning, noon and evening) and every night before we turn in.

Horses are fed alfalfa or grass hay four times daily.  They are fed at the same time every single day because in our experience that will help to minimize the chance of colic.  We do all the feeding ourselves and carefully inspect each feeding prior to giving it to the horse.

Horses are fed a custom grain mix twice daily.  This mix is based on their needs and is fine-tuned to manage their weight, energy and attitude.  Owner-provided supplements for feet, joint, coat, or willingness to work will be given per your instruction.  We have extensive experience in developing feeding programs that will assist owners to achieve their riding goals.

Stalls are a minimum of 12' x 12', some are larger.  They have floor mats and a solid, safe construction.  All stalls are cleaned and re-bedded daily.  Our stall cleaners are careful and thorough.  We also have outside shelters with runs available.  Turnout service is available.

Routine vet work like vaccinations, teeth and de-worming is scheduled ahead of time and you will be notified of this work being done.  We also schedule other vet visits as needed.  The farrier comes weekly.  You can also sign up to have acupuncture and chiropractic vet work done on your horse.  You are welcome to use our vets and farrier or schedule one of your own.

We host clinics several times each year with well known clinicians.  If they are Millbrook sponsored events, you are always encouraged to audit free of charge.  We host two recognized dressage shows each year and have often hosted ISR/Oldenburg NA inspections.  We have hosted two national-level symposium as well featuring internationally know riders and judges like Debbie McDonald, Janet Foy, Guenter Seidel and Gary Rockwell.  

Our boarding package is $915 per month and includes one lesson per week.  We do not charge extra for most boarding-related services.  Please contact us if you have specific questions.