Show Questions and Resources

List here are often asked questions related to showing.  In the pdf files below are also descriptions of the various types of shows and how they are different.  If you don't see your question answered here, please reach out to us.


How do I enter one of your shows?  We use Equestrian Entries to process our entries and save time and money.  You must create an account with them before you can create an entry.  You can enter a schooling show or Short Tour show without any memberships, although you might want to get at least a Utah Dressage Society GMO membership.  For the recognized shows you will need a USEF and USDF membership.  Read the pdf below for more information.

Can I ride the same test more than once?  Yes you can.  There are classes towards the bottom of the class list which offer USEF/USDF Test of Choice.  You select that class and tell us what test you wish to ride.  Everyone who uses this option will be grouped together into one big class, but it does give you the opportunity to ride the same test more than one time.

How do I submit proof of vaccination?  The best way is to use the USEF vaccination form and have it signed by your vet when the shots are administered, but you can also send a copy of your invoice with the vet's name, the date they were given, what shots were given and the horse's name on it.  Most invoices have the horse's barn name and not their registered name, so make sure you have the same name on whatever paperwork you send to the show secretary.  You can scan in a copy or even email a cellphone picture of it.  Just be sure all the information required is readable.

What if I give my own vaccinations?  You still need to submit proof.  Keep your receipt showing the date you purchased and administered them.  They often have a sticker on them showing the manufacturer and batch number.  Write on the receipt the name of the horse (same name as all other paperwork), and sign saying you gave the shot yourself.

What kind of things can trip up the system?  Great question!  Getting a correct entry into Equestrian Entries requires you to have all of your information at hand and double check everything.  The entire system runs off whatever email you put in.  Your electronic tests, all notices from show management and updates will all come via email, so it is critical to have a correct email there.  Double check the spelling when you create the account so you won't have problems later.  Also make sure you use the same version of your name for all of your memberships in all the various systems.  Same for your horse, use the same name, preferably the horse's registered name for the entry, the USDF Horse Registration or Horse ID, the USEF Horse Registration if you need one, proof of vaccination, Coggins if coming from out of state, etc.  Nothing trips up the system quicker than a typo, inaccurate numbers for USEF or USDF, or different version of your name.

What memberships do I need?  The pdf files below outline the type of show and the type of memberships needed for them.  Please read each one carefully.  If you still have questions, please reach out and we will help you.

My horse is owned by someone else?  What memberships are needed?  There are several different persons defined by USEF as Participants in recognized shows.  These are the Owner of the horse, the Rider, the Trainer (who is the person on the show grounds who is responsible for the horse and must be over the age of 18), the Coach (who may or may not ride the horse but is helping the Rider with coaching) and possibly a Parent for a Rider under the age of 18.  For every entry there must be correct memberships for each and every one of the Participants listed above.  If it is the same person, great!  If not, each one must have the correct memberships, membership numbers and sign the appropriate paperwork.   Leased horses require special paperwork, so contact the show secretary about leases.    

Do I have to use a credit card to pay for my entry with Equestrian Entries?  No.  Right before you would check out you can print off a copy of your entry and put it into the mail with a check, or you can use Venmo or PayPal.  Please remember we do not take reservations for stalls, so your entry is not considered received by us until we get your payment.  

Can I camp on site?  Yes, we allow camping but we have limited RV electrical hookups.  You must reserve those in advance.  Please do not just add it to your entry because one may not be available.

What is your stabling like?  We have very good stabling with solid walls and doors.  All stalls are checked before each show.  We also include shavings with the price of stabling. 

How can I guarantee stabling at your show?  You will need to enter before the closing date.  Sometimes the stabling will sell out within a week, so don't wait to put your entry in or you may end up on the waitlist for stabling. 

Can I bring a horse to school during the show?  Non-competition horses must be approved before the show by the manager.  They must also get an assigned number, pay the grounds fee and provide proof of current vaccinations.  Preference for stalls will be given to competition horses over non-competing horses.  

  What is a Prize List?  Most information you may need is included in the Prize List, or show information, which is on the home page for whatever show is currently coming up or open for entries.  If you don't see your particular question addressed, please contact us!  We want to help you understand the process and be able to navigate it easily.

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